AI Songwriting Tools that can actually improve your songwriting

Instead of being understandably frightened by AI in music, some musicians are discovering the wonderful possibilities that using artificial intelligence can bring to songwriters.

by Randi Zimmerman of Symphonic Blog

There’s been undeniable buzz lately surrounding artificial intelligence, and it’s neither surprising or hard to see why. With its rapidly increasing popularity, AI is the wild card that’s been shaking up every industry, and the music industry is no exception. Now, AI is changing how artists make music, and our friends over at WaveAI have some innovative new tools that make it easier than ever.

Here’s the rundown…

Artists like Grimes have been vocal advocates for AI’s value in music since the beginning. By openly granting permission for artists to use her voice, she has become a trailblazer, breaking down barriers and paving the way for new creative possibilities. Her progressive stance showcases her willingness to embrace emerging technologies and challenge the status quo, and others are inspired too.

But here’s the kicker: not all music AI is cut from the same cloth. While some AI might seem like one-click solutions that replace artists, other AI tools are actually on our team, working with artists and genuinely boosting musicians’ creativity. These tools are like having a friend who’s not just there to do the job, but to inspire and collaborate with you. It’s all about knowing which tools help us realize our artistic vision and level up our game, rather than replace what you do.

Lyric Generators

We’ve all experienced those moments when we sit down to write and just can’t seem to come up with anything. In these situations, a lyric generator can be a helpful tool to get the creative juices flowing. The best lyric generators are those that allow you to actively write in its interface while generating lyrics based on what you already have.

3 Ways To Use a Lyric Generator:

  1. Use it as a fire starter: Sometimes, starting is the most difficult part. If you’re stuck on where to begin your song, you can use a lyric generator to suggest lines until you find one that hits.
  2. Use it to finish a song: If you have part of your song already written but hit a writer’s block, you can use it to feed you lyric suggestions to fill in the blanks. A good lyric generator adapts to your unique style by giving suggestions that reflect what you already have written.
  3. Use it to step outside your usual style: The beauty of a tool like a lyric generator is it helps you come up with lines you would have never otherwise thought of. Try experimenting with different styles or genres and you might be surprised where it takes you!

Picture this… You’re a songwriter staring at a blank page, trying to wrangle emotions and stories into lyrics. Enter LyricStudio, your trusty sidekick. This AI-powered tool generates lyric ideas tailored to your style, genre and topics, one line at a time. It’s like having a brainstorming buddy who gets you.


Melody Generators

A melody generator is an AI-based tool that comes up with original melody ideas for you. When it comes to generating melodies, finding the right tool is crucial. There are a lot of melody generators out there focused on instrumental-only melodies, rather than top-line melodies made for lyrics. Creating melodies that work well with your lyrics is key. While a melody generator comes up with limitless possibilities, it is up to you to choose from its ideas and make changes as you see fit – you’re always in the driver’s seat!

What To Look Out For:

  • Melody Suggestions Based on Your Lyrics: A vocal melody generator will require you to paste or type in your lyrics as a first step. Your words and syllables will play a crucial role for the melodies that are suggested.
  • Editing Capabilities: A good melody generator makes it easy to tweak and refine your melodies and chords, whether that’s adjusting the note length or location within the melody.
  • Fits into your workflow: When you’re happy with your song, a good melody generator should let you export the lead sheet. You can bring it over to your DAW, recording studio, or play it on your favorite instrument.

Creating melodies that work well with your lyrics is the key to a masterful track. This is where a tool like MelodyStudio comes in. This tool gives you complete control over your art, while still understanding and embracing that creative human spirit. It’s the ultimate tool for songwriters from beginners to pros, helping you craft melodies that truly speak to your soul.

As a bonus, it includes LyricStudio’s lyric generator. 😉

To wrap things up…

So, are AI songwriting tools here to boost our creativity or steal the show from human musicians?

Well, tools like LyricStudio and MelodyStudio aren’t about kicking artists out of the driver’s seat; they’re more like a turbo boost for your creative engine. Millions of artists have already been using these tools to assist in their creative processes, some of which have been chart-topping hits and viral singles.

AI songwriting tools are awesome for sparking creativity and getting those creative juices flowing. They don’t replace your talent or intuition, but they sure do make the songwriting process a whole lot more fun and interesting. So next time you’re stuck on a song, why not give AI a try? Who knows, you might just create your next big hit.

Ready to try these out for yourself?

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