How to sync your lyrics on Spotify, Instagram, and more

Discover how easy it is to get your lyrics featured on Spotify and Instagram, boosting your music’s reach instantly.

by Chris Robley of Reverbnation Blog

Want to get your lyrics on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or TIDAL?

Would you like your song lyrics to appear at the top of Google results?

Looking to create engaging content on Instagram that automatically displays your words in-time with the music

One simple process achieves all three objectives. Today I’ll show you how!

A musician’s guide to Musixmatch

Here’s how to get your lyrics delivered to streaming and social platforms so the words are synchronized to the music:

1. Distribute your music

Before you can synch your lyrics with a track on Spotify or Instagram, you need to make that music available on those same social and streaming platforms!

With ReverbNation, you can release your music worldwide to every platform that matters.

2. Get verified with Musixmatch

Musixmatch can get your lyrics onto Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google, TIDAL, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

It’s an app where you enter, format, sync, approve, and deliver your lyrics, along with collaborator credits and song formatting tags.

But first you need to get verified with Musixmatch.

NOTE: You may need to upload a photo of a valid ID before you can submit lyrics. 

3. Choose the song

Once you have access to your Musixmatch dashboard, go to your “Roster” of songs. 

You may immediately see songs in your “To Do” list that are missing lyrics. Otherwise, hit the “Music” tab. 

Select the song and hit “Edit Lyrics.”

4. Enter the lyrics

You can paste the lyrics into the lyric field.

Or listen along to the song and transcribe the lyrics in real-time

For convenience, a player below the lyrics field will source audio from Spotify or Apple Music.

5. Format the lyrics

After typing or pasting the lyrics, be sure to follow Musixmatch’s formatting guidelines. 

For instance: Every line should begin with a capital letter.

If your entry doesn’t meet the formatting guidelines, you’ll see a helpful window with suggestions.

A virtual assistant can automatically fix these errors. 

6. Add section tags

This is where you’ll categorize stanzas as verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, etc. 

If you have a longer instrumental section or solo between sections, you can mark that as #INSTRUMENTAL. 

7. Sync the words to the music

The Musixmatch app makes it easy for you to toggle through the lyrics while the track plays.

This process time-stamps the lyrics so they’ll automatically sync when someone streams the track on Spotify. Or when someone creates an Instagram Reel using your song.  

8. List credits

Who wrote the words and music?

Did someone else mix, master, and produce the track? Were there session players?

You can credit everyone accordingly during this step.

9. Submit the lyrics

Hit the “Send” button when you’re ready.

Then Musixmatch will deliver the words to their affiliated platforms.

If there are any issues, you’ll see a warning appear and have a chance to fix it. 

10. Share your lyrics!

Now the fun part.

It’s time to post creative content that showcases your words on Instagram and Facebook. 


One of the happy outcomes of the Social-Video Age is that people are accustomed to seeing captions now. They expect text on-screen. And they’re willing to READ IT to dive deeper into the content. 

And guess what? That means people will engage with your lyrics. Great news for songwriters who want their social content to be an extension of their artistry!

Thanks to Musixmatch, getting your lyrics synched-up with your tracks on major social and streaming platforms is easy. This is a process you should revisit every time you launch new music, and it’ll take you barely more time than it takes to listen to the song. 

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