5 tips for introverts looking to nail music networking events

Networking is crucial in the music industry, but it doesn’t come easy to everyone. Here are a few tips to help any introvert plan to impress people.

by Chris Robley of Reverbnation Blog

Music may seem like an extroverted artform. But many famous musicians are introverts!

Introverted producers, songwriters, and artists find inspiration AWAY from crowds.

So if you’re an introverted musician, certain networking events, artist meetups, and industry conferences that are designed to provide motivation and excitement can actually leave you feeling drained.

Unless you arrive with the right mindset, a plan of action, and the willingness to step away when needed. 

Here are 5 ways introverted musicians can lessen their stress around public events:

1. Come prepared 

Have a few thoughtful conversation-starters ready to go. This can take the pressure off initiating small talk and make it easier to dive into more meaningful discussions.

Preparation also means you can confidently stand by your music. Be proud, not apologetic, when the topic of your artistry comes up in conversation. 

2. Quality over quantity 

As an introvert, you’ll likely find deeper connections with a few people rather than superficial chats with many. Focus on having rich, genuine conversations.

Sometimes it helps to leave the venue. So if you’re connecting, don’t be afraid to ask that person to get coffee or tacos so the conversation can continue away from the bustle and distractions.

3. Leverage your listening skills 

Introverts are often excellent listeners. Use this superpower to your advantage; ask open-ended questions and show genuine interest in others’ responses.

Some people love to talk about themselves. Use that to your advantage. 

4. Embrace your unique strengths

Your introverted qualities, like thoughtfulness and keen observation, can be valuable assets in networking (and lyric writing too). Use those strengths to stand out! 

Do you have a quiet and welcoming demeanor? That may bring out the best in a conversation with an industry expert.

Do you stand back from the crowd and take great notes? That may be valuable amongst a group of musicians who decide to debrief after the event. 

5. Follow-up thoughtfully 

After the event, don’t let those connections fade.

Ask how to follow-up — whether it be email, a phone number, Telegram, an Instagram or WhatsApp account, a website contact form — and be sure to use that contact method.

Give people about a week to settle back into their routine, and then reach out with a personalized message to continue building those relationships. 

Bonus tip: Recharge… unapologetically 

Networking can be draining for introverts. Give yourself permission to recharge — step away, catch a nap, leave early, take a walk, see the sites — without feeling guilty about it.


If you have a networking event coming up soon, hopefully these tips help you stress less and get more from the meetup. Remember, you have just as much right to be there as anyone, and every right to protect your energy too.

Above all, don’t fake your way through it. But rather: “be authentic.”

Easy advice to give, I know. But the point is, by being yourself, you’ll feel less anxiety about the crowds and those random conversations. The more comfortable you feel — even if that means acknowledging your discomfort — the better those conversations will go!


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