Elevate your Music Marketing Emails: Secrets of Better Subject Lines

Become a pro at email marketing with this comprehensive guide! Who knew changing your subject lines could get you more streams?

by Chris Robley of Reverbnation Blog

Want more people to listen to your new music?

Well then, let’s first assume you’re already using your email list. That’s good, because your email subscribers are likely to be your most reliable listeners. 

But that doesn’t mean they’re actually opening all your emails.

Which is why it’s important to take your subject lines and social captions up a notch when you have new music to promote.

How to get fans to open your emails

Of course your subscribers can’t click through to stream your new track unless they open and read the email, right?

So in this quick video below I’ll show you how to improve your email subject lines:


The formula is pretty simple:

  1. Make it about them, not you
  2. Personalize it when appropriate
  3. Don’t use musician lingo; talk about feelings and stories
  4. Create a sense of urgency or mystery

That’s how to avoid the cliche and ineffective “My new single is out now on Spotify” message.

And also how to replace it with something that gets more people opening your emails, clicking to hear the music, and falling in love with your songs.

Happy emailing!

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