Spotify’s New Release Guide is a how-to manual for launching new music

Spotify For Artists has compiled its growing marketing toolkit into a New Release Guide, which offers a step-by-step manual for launching new music.

The New Release Guide begins with free tools like Countdown Pages and Clips that can be used to promote before a release, followed by ways to market music throughout its life cycle.

Independent artist Laufey, who releases music via AWAL, shared this video on how she uses the tools described in the Guide.

“We know how much work and care artists put into every new release — and how vulnerable it can feel to put new music into the world,” said Sam Duboff, Global Head of Spotify for Artists, Marketing & Policy. “We’re focused on building toward a future where Spotify is the best home for artists and labels to release and promote their new music. Through the powerful tools offered in Spotify for Artists and some big upcoming announcements, we are on our way to achieving that vision. And, as always, we’re committed to making these tools available as quickly as we can to as many artists from as many countries as possible.” 

Spotify New Release Guide Highlights

  • Follows: Make sure your fans follow you on Spotify. That will help ensure they hear your music on their Release Radar and What’s New feed.
  • Countdown Pages: Let fans pre-save it, preview the tracklist, check out fresh merch, watch Clips teasing unreleased tracks, and countdown to launch – all to boost crucial week one streams.
  • Clips: These short videos can have a big impact on new music. To drive more streams, create excitement for your release by sharing the stories behind your music.
  • Canvas: Album art for the streaming age. Add a looping visual to a release before it drops to give listeners an eye-catching experience right from their first stream.
  • Playlist Pitching: Make sure to pitch the focus track from your release at least two weeks before the release date. Spotify says its playlist editors listen carefully and make potential editorial playlist placements based on what they think will resonate most with fans worldwide.
  • Marquee: Marquee puts new music front and center, inviting listeners to dive deeper. 
  • Discovery Mode: Prime fans for your upcoming release by reminding them of other songs in your catalog.
  • Showcase: Create hype for new music – and keep the momentum going – by attracting new listeners on Spotify’s Home.
  • Artist Profile: Get everything ready for the release day, including:
    • Merch: Add your newest items and remember to tag the release. They’ll be featured on the release page and the Now Playing view, too.
    • Artist Pick: Make it easy for fans to find your new release on your artist profile, and remember to add an image and message.
    • Gallery: Upload your latest photos

While not part of the official Guide, another best practice is to ensure that all show dates are listed accurately on Spotify via a free Bandsintown for Artists account.

Check out the full Spotify For Artists New Release Guide here.

Bruce Houghton is the Founder and Editor of Hypebot, a Senior Advisor at Bandsintown, President of the Skyline Artists Agency, and a Berklee College Of Music professor.

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