Music2Deal Unveils ‘Music People Map’ for Enhanced Industry Networking

Discover Music2Deal’s groundbreaking ‘Music People Map’ that promises to change the game for networking in the music industry. Explore how this innovative tool can connect you with key players and open doors to new opportunities.

by Stacy Simons Santos of Celebrity Access

Music2Deal is a music business network for the international music industry. It is a place where labels, musicians, managers, producers, or anyone who works in the industry can network, make deals, and discuss opportunities. After many months of development, the newest version officially launched at the end of 2022. The Music2Deal team proudly announces its latest feature, the Music People map.

Imagine browsing a map, similar to searching on AirBnB, but instead finding your next business partner. Whether you’re looking for labels, musicians, managers or producers, the new tool makes it easier to connect with industry professionals.

Music2Deal provides many tools, including the exclusive “matching tool” for the music industry, and ensures exclusive membership for music industry professionals. Every membership request received is vetted by one of more than 20 representatives worldwide.

Typically, professionals connect with their colleagues 5-10% of the time through various social media websites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Zoom) and meet for networking events less than five times a year. Music2Deal allows the user to be continually informed regarding music offers or requests from all contacts. It can also notify you about new offers, opportunities, or requests.

The platform currently boasts more than 17,000 proven members from 30 different countries, including 2-time Emmy winner Lars Deutsch (USA), award-winning Producer Tony Catania (Scatman John)Allen Johnston (Capital, EMI), and Stuart Epps (Led Zeppelin, Elton John).

Michael Bisping, A.S.S. Concerts – “Much better than LinkedIn! On Music2Deal, I can be sure I’m only doing business with approved professionals from the music industry.”

Music2Deal’s CEO, Mario Christiani: “As always, our goal is to improve professional networking within the music business and to help our members make deals happen. With the new Music People map, Music2Deal is now more user-friendly and features enhanced networking and usability tools. An improved design of the website is also part of this latest update. “

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