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Platoon adds a Songwriter-Friendly Compensation Service

Platoon has added a Songwriter Compensation Service to ensure fair and transparent payments, thus enhancing the financial well-being of musicians and creators.

by Stacy Simons Santos from CelebrityAccess

Platoon, the artist services company owned by Apple, has launched an exciting new initiative aimed at songwriters. The program, Platoon Songs, is designed to be writer-friendly, offering fair terms and robust support for creators. This initiative underscores Platoon’s commitment to honoring and fairly compensating songwriters for their critical contributions to music.

Platoon Songs provides a unique approach to songwriter compensation and rights. Songwriters who participate in sessions resulting in finished songs are paid for their work, and the deals include a share of master use royalties on recordings of Platoon Songs releases. This structure ensures that songwriters are fairly recompensated and aligns with recent industry calls for greater recognition of their contributions. During her BRITs acceptance speech for Songwriter Of The Year, Raye urged the recording industry to grant writers master royalty points, highlighting the need for fair compensation.

One of the standout features of Platoon Songs is the six-month reservation period it offers to songwriters. This period allows writers the flexibility to reserve their compositions, giving artists the opportunity to record and release the songs. It also gives Platoon the first look at the publishing rights of these compositions, facilitating closer collaboration between the company and the songwriters.

The initiative is designed to foster deeper connections within the songwriting community and to integrate songwriters more closely with Platoon’s roster. By working closely with the publishing, creative, and marketing teams, Platoon builds comprehensive campaigns for the public release of tracks. This holistic approach ensures that each song is supported from creation to release, providing a robust platform for songwriters to thrive.

Denzyl Feigelson, CEO and co-founder of Platoon expressed his long-standing desire to honor songwriters: “I have wanted to do this for so long – honor and fairly remunerate songwriters in the room who contribute so much to the ethos and master rights of the song.” He also praised the utilization of Platoon 7 studio and its talented team of engineers in supporting this initiative, highlighting it as a collaborative and inclusive effort.

Linda Ayoola, global head of music at Platoon, emphasized the initiative’s vision of inclusivity and collaboration: “Platoon Songs embodies a vision of inclusivity and collaboration, where artists can explore their craft freely and fearlessly. Our hope is to inspire a new wave of creativity and cultural resonance through every project we support while ensuring artists receive the right money and ownership that empowers their careers.”

The first release under the Platoon Songs banner is a track titled “Nina” by Emiah and LouLou, set to be available for streaming on July 12. Emiah, known for her versatility across genres like pop, R&B, house, and EDM, has garnered over 10 million streams on Spotify. LouLou, a seasoned producer and writer, has collaborated with numerous dance artists and created bespoke tracks for brands and sporting events.

Through this initiative, Platoon aims to create a supportive community where artistic innovation can flourish. By providing fair compensation and ownership opportunities, Platoon Songs seeks to empower songwriters and foster a new era of creativity in the music industry.

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