Will Spotify add Comments to Music after adding them to Podcasts?

UPDATE: Spotify has added comments to podcasts. Said to be the platform’s most requested feature, will Spotify add comments to music? There are indications that they will.

Comments are already a part of the user experience on YouTube and Bandsintown.

Will Spotify add Comments to Music?

While Spotify has not commented on plans to add comments to music, read the quote from the creator that Spotify chose to help launch comments and see how much it would also mean for musicians and music marketing.

“Comments on Spotify provide me that invaluable feedback,” said Ben Wilson, creator of How to Take Over the World, “which makes creating my podcast much more rewarding and allows me to build a stronger connection with my listeners.”

UPDATE: “I can see a world where we extend [support for comments] to other formats on Spotify,” Spotify VP of Podcast Product Maya Prohovnik, told Techcrunch. “but we always want to do whatever is right for the format, and those types of creators and artists.”

Adding comments to podcasts means that Spotify could easily add them to music, and some key functionalities already built in answer questions about comment moderation and whether every musician would even listen to them.

At launch, comments are private, and creators must approve them before they are public, or they can turn the comments option off altogether.

The addition of comments comes alongside a new and improved podcast app. In addition to polls and Q&As, Spotify recently added a video to podcasts. More than 170,000 million users have watched the 250,00 Spotify video podcasts.

Will Spotify add comments to music? It seems more like a question of when than if, and when they do, the streamer becomes an infinitely more effective marketing and fan-building tool for all musicians.

Learn more about Spotify’s Comments for Podcasts here.

Bruce Houghton is the Founder and Editor of Hypebot, a Senior Advisor at Bandsintown, President of the Skyline Artists Agency, and a Berklee College Of Music professor.


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