Finding Influencers In The Media With mPACT

After recently reviewing SocMetrics, a web service focused on identifying social media influencers in topical niches, I had the opportunity to speak with Gary Lee, CEO of mBLAST, about their. Continue reading

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Pimp Your Site: Hello Bar vs. Wibiya Web Toolbar

While social networks are critical for music marketing, all musicians should have a home site under their control in order to offer a rich reservoir of news, content and such. Continue reading

Share on: – Should This Site Be Saved?

I recently came across and thought it was a great idea. Basically it's a free site that allows people to list venues with contact information, update the posted info. Continue reading

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Twitter Tools: TweetWhen, Timely & When To Tweet?

I hadn't realized that there are a variety of tools designed to tell you when it's best to tweet on Twitter until quite recently. So I'm starting to evaluate some. Continue reading

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GigaTools: Auto-Announce Upcoming Shows

GigaTools is a straightforward event announcement service that allows you to automate the posting of your gigs on multiple sites. They're based in Berlin and launched in late 2009. GigaTools. Continue reading

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Start Your Web DJ/Talk Radio Career With MixCloud

London-based Mixcloud recently released an iPhone app for their service which resulted in a fresh wave of visibility for this popular service. Dubbed the "YouTube of radio" in late 2009. Continue reading

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Tumblr Improves As Tool For Musicians & Marketers

Microblogging service Tumblr has been around since 2007 yet, though a variety of corporate entities now use it, Tumblr still feels fresh and youthful.  A number of recent developments have. Continue reading

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SocMetrics Identifies, Ranks & Tracks Social Media Influencers In Topic Niches

Yesterday I took a web tour of SocMetrics, a new service still in beta  that ranks social media influencers, from celebrities to bloggers, and offers multiple tools for identifying which. Continue reading

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ThinkUp: Capture, Analyze, Share Your Social Network Activity

ThinkUp is an open source software solution for monitoring all that social network activity you've been doing to market your music or on behalf of your music clients. It's available. Continue reading

Share on: Focuses on “Playing Music Together” is a new twist on music sharing that one might call social dj'ing. Basically you create a "Room", or listening room, that can be public or private, upload music. Continue reading

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