Thomas Dolby’s Floating City Goes Beyond Marketing

Thomas Dolby's recently released web-based game "The Floating City" is both a marketing device for his upcoming album, "A Map of the Floating City", and an interesting project in its. Continue reading

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Simple Plan Harness Photo Tagging Power Of ThingLink

ThingLink – a free service that adds links and tags within photos – is proving to be a valuable tool for d.i.y. musicians and music marketers. They've taken photo tagging. Continue reading

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4 Gig Booking Sites: BandSurfing, Indie On The Move, Getagig Info, Sonicbids

My recent discussion of returned some suggestions for similar web services. Here I briefly discuss four sites, BandSurfing, Indie on the Move, Getagig Info and Sonicbids, focusing on their. Continue reading

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GigsWiz & The Human League Help Disrupt The Ticket Industry

TicketMaster has long been unpopular with both music fans and many bands. GigsWiz' approach to building an alternative was to create a system that rewards artists for ticket sales resulting. Continue reading

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Finding Influencers In The Media With mPACT

After recently reviewing SocMetrics, a web service focused on identifying social media influencers in topical niches, I had the opportunity to speak with Gary Lee, CEO of mBLAST, about their. Continue reading

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Pimp Your Site: Hello Bar vs. Wibiya Web Toolbar

While social networks are critical for music marketing, all musicians should have a home site under their control in order to offer a rich reservoir of news, content and such. Continue reading

Share on: – Should This Site Be Saved?

I recently came across and thought it was a great idea. Basically it's a free site that allows people to list venues with contact information, update the posted info. Continue reading

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Twitter Tools: TweetWhen, Timely & When To Tweet?

I hadn't realized that there are a variety of tools designed to tell you when it's best to tweet on Twitter until quite recently. So I'm starting to evaluate some. Continue reading

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GigaTools: Auto-Announce Upcoming Shows

GigaTools is a straightforward event announcement service that allows you to automate the posting of your gigs on multiple sites. They're based in Berlin and launched in late 2009. GigaTools. Continue reading

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Start Your Web DJ/Talk Radio Career With MixCloud

London-based Mixcloud recently released an iPhone app for their service which resulted in a fresh wave of visibility for this popular service. Dubbed the "YouTube of radio" in late 2009. Continue reading

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