Spotify Alums Create Canopy App Offering Recommendations Without Stealing Your Data

image from chittagongit.comTwo Spotify alumni involved in the creation of Discovery Weekly, have raised a $4.5 million seed round from Matrix to release an app that offers music, film and other recommendations based on user preferences, but without sharing data with Spotify, Netflix, Facebook or anyone else.

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Pirate Studios Raises $20M For Self-Serve Music Studios

pirate studiosPirate Studios has raised $20 million in new finding for its growing network of self-serve high tech music studios. Pirate operates  350 studios in 21 locations in London, New York and Berlin, with plans to grow internationally.

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Spotify (Finally) Launches New Apple Watch App

image from

Spotify has launched a new Apple Watch app which includes improved access and control over music and podcasts, as well as, the ability to connect to speakers or devices. The streamer promises the more improvements ahead including the ability to listen to music and podcasts offline.

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STOCK WATCH: Eventbrite, Spotify and Snap

Arrows up and downWith more music and music related stock traded on the public markets, Hypebot is stepping up its coverage of the markets, quarterly reports and earnings calls. Here, with a help from CelebrityAccess, are updates on Eventbrite, Spotify and Snap.

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NetEase Cloud Music Raises $600M As Users Jump 200M In 12 Months To 600M

image from superdevs.weebly.comNetEase Cloud Music has completed a $600 million funding round to take on Spotify partner Tencent Music in China and Asia's exploding streaming music market. NetEase boasts 600 million registered users, adding 200 million over the last twelve months.

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Festicket Raises Another $ 10.5 Million

image from encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.comFesticket , the music festival travel and experiences platform  has raised a $ 10.5 million D-Series financing round led by venture capital firm Beringea plus InMotion Ventures, Channel 4's Commercial Growth Fund, Lepe Partners, U-Start and former Spinnin 'Records CEO Eelko Van Kooten. 

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Music Has More To Gain From The Future Of Transportation Than You Might Think [Cherie Hu]

Screenshot 2018-11-08 07.57.42Going as far back as the FM radio receivers of the 1950s, transportation and music have been inextricably linked; and as the landscape of the transportation industry changes, new marketing opportunities for music and artists are emerging.

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#iVoted Initiative Offering Free Concert Tickets To Voters

1With voter apathy an omnipresent concern at this particular moment in time, artist manager Emily White has partnered with a variety of artists to launch the #iVoted initiative which rewards those participating in the democratic process with free concert tickets.

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Spotify [NYSE:SPOT] Announces $1 Billion Stock Buy Back

Spotify New $[UPDATED] Spotify Technology S.A. (NYSE:SPOT) announced that it will begin a $1 billion  stock repurchase.  Repurchases of up to 10,000,000 in Spotify 'ordinary shares' have been authorized  by shareholders and the Board of Directors up to a total cost of  $1 billion. After the announcement, Spotify stock rose 2.6% in premarket trading Monday morning.

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Dash Radio Raises $8.8M, Passes 10M Monthly Listeners

image from pbs.twimg.comFree online platform Dash Radio announced that it had raised $8.8 million in seed funding while passing 10 million active monthly users. Dash Radio offers 400+ live shows across 75 stations, many hosted by celebrity DJ's including Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and Ice Cube.

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Warner Music Group Launches WMG Boost To Invest In Music Tech Startups

1In a positive sign for overall industry growth, music business giant Warner Music Group has to allocate some of its cash into something called WMG boost, with hopes of investing in music tech related startups.

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Rest In Peace Paul Allen: Friend Of Music and Much More

1Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen recently passed away, and is remembered as a tech billionaire and noted philanthropist. The Seattle music industry was among the beneficiaries of his generosity, with Allen helping to foster the creative sector.

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Soundbetter Paid $12M To Musicians, Producers In 18 Months

image from www.anomalymusicgroup.comSoundbetter has paid out more than $12 million to the musicians and production talent that utilize it's platform, most of it in the last 18 months. Soundbetter helps musicians connect with vetted mixing and mastering engineers, singers, songwriters, producers and studio musicians.

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Mixcloud Inks Universal Music Group Direct Licensing Deal

Mixcloud-logo (1)Mixcloud has signed a multi-year direct licensing agreement with Universal Music Group. Under the deal,  UMG artists will be compensated for use of their music on Mixcloud's ad-supported and yet-to-launch subscription crowdsourced radio platform.

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Apple Buys Asaii To Improve Apple Music Recommendations

Apple Music logoApple has acquired streaming analytics startup Asaii to bolster Apple Music. First word of the deal came when Asaii founder and CEO Sony Theakanath changed his Linkedin to reflect his employment at Apple Music.

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Promoting A Limited Time Special Offer: A How-To Guide

1Lately Patreon has been going the extra mile in trying help its users maximize potential on the site, including allowing its users to provide special limited time offers to their fans. Here Brian Hazard walks us step-by-step through the art of limited time offers, both generally and using Patreon specifically.

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PledgeMusic Reorganizes After Late Payment Problems

PledgeMusic NewPledgeMusic is reorganizing its executive team after months of payment problems. As we reported last week, CEO Dominic Pandiscia has stepped down. Now company executives are taking on new roles in an effort to turnaround the popular music crowdfunding site.

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DistroKid Scores 'Significant Investment' From Silversmith

DistoKid logoIndie music distributor DistroKid has received "a significant investment" from Silversmith Capital Partners, a Boston-based growth equity firm. DistroKid currently serves 250,000 independent musicians with digital distribution, as well as, royalty collection and management. 

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CEO Of Troubled PledgeMusic Steps Down

PledgeMusic NewDominic Pandiscia has resigned as CEO of troubled music crowdfunding and pre-sale platform PledgeMusic, a company spokesperson confirmed to Hypebot on Friday.  He joined the startup in 2016 after serving at President of Capital Music Group's Caroline independent music distribution service.

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Artist Growth CEO Matt Urmy Discusses Company’s Rapid Ascension [INTERVIEW]

1The cloud-based management system Artist Growth has seen massive growth over the past eighteen months, bringing in multiple billions in revenue. Here the company's founder and, until recently, CEO Matt Urmy sat down to chat about the company stands, and where it's headed moving forward.

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WMG Launches Multi Million Dollar 'Boost' Fund

WMG-W-logoWarner Music Group has launched WMG Boost, a seed investment fund to support entrepreneurial growth and innovation in the music industry. The multimillion dollar fund will invest in early stage startups within and adjacent to recorded music and music publishing. 

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Blockchain Music Competitors On The Rise

2The disconnect between companies and consumers is an ever-present problem in the music/tech industry, with companies like Snapchat frequently having to do damage control in the wake of unpopular updates. Several startup companies are working to capitalize on this disconnect and create a more wholesome option for consumers, several of them doing so with the help of blockchain tech.

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Classical Music Streamer IDAGiO Raises $11.7M, Launches in North America

IDAGIOClassical music focused streaming service IDAGIO is now available in North America. The Berlin based startup also announced that it has secured a funding round of 10 million EU ($11.7M USD) from existing investors. Classical music accounts for as much as 40% of global recorded music revenue.*

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Eventbrite Stock Up 60% In Market Debut

Event-briteConcert and event ticketing platform Eventbrite stick soared as much as 70% during its Thursday IPO.  Eventbrite shares had been priced $23 but at opened at $36 and climbed as high as $39.30 before ending the day up 59% at $36.50 per share.

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Artist Growth's Matt Urmy On Touring App's Rapid Adoption

image from celebrityaccess.comArtist management platform Artist Growth has seen an impressive 18 months. This cloud-based system which provides artists and managers with tools to organize touring, finances, merch and data reporting, now tracks more than $2.5 billion in tour revenue and nearly $700 million in expenses.

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WMG Acquires EMP Merchandising For $180M

21 Pilots[UPDATED] Warner Music Group continues to diversify beyond recorded music with the $180 million acquisition of EMP Merchandising,  a major European specialty music and entertainment merchandise e-tailer. EMP is currently owned by Sycamore Partners, a New York City private equity firm.

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Scooter Braun Sues Troy Carter Alleging $10M Loan Default

Troy_CarterA new lawsuit pits Scooter Braun, who manages Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber against recently departed Storify executive and former Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter. Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Management Holdings has filed suit against Troy Carter, his wife and his company Atom Factory for fraud and breach after Carter allegedly defaulted on a $10 million loan.  

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