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Cinq Music Adds $40M From GoDigitalMedia To Acquire Music Catalogs, Masters

image from ww1.prweb.comLA-based Cinq Music has received $40 million in Series C funding from GoDigital Media.  The funding will allow Cinq Music to acquire masters and publishing right and to further expand internationally.

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The Evolution Of Documenting Song Credits: Split Sheets Go Digital

3Co-writing a hit song with one of your bandmates feels great at the time and is all well and good, until down the road it suddenly turns out the two of you have differing opinions on who contributed what, at which point the royalties argument is bound to turn nasty. Luckily, carefully documenting song splits from the outset can nip this kind of issue in the bud.

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Music & Refugees: Improving Lives In Uncertain Times

3In this piece, a humanitarian volunteer recounts their experiences in Greece working to support victims fleeing the Syrian refugee crisis, and the powerful role music played in improving the lives of those suffering.

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Incubus Guitarist Michael Einziger’s Startup Mixhalo Raises $10.7M To Improve Concert Sound Quality

image from music audio startup Mixhalo has raised $10.7 million in Series A funding. The company was co-founded by Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and his wife, violinist Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger.

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TikTok Acquires AI Music Pioneer Jukedeck

image from www.hypebot.comTikTok parent Bytedance has acquired UK based music AI startup Jukedeck, according to multiple reports. The purchase, which could offer AI-created music to TikTok's 500 million global users even as the social video app continues contentious re-licensing with the major labels and battles performing right organizations.

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Customizing Salesforce For The Music Industry

3When it comes to dealing with fans/customers, many artists and organizations within the industry rely on archaic and ineffective systems for keeping their teams in synch, which can lead to all kinds of inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Here we look at a more effective way in which groups in the music industry interact with potential customers.

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ROCCR Is A Non-Profit, Transparent PledgeMusic

image from scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.netUPDATED: As the effects of the collapse of crowdfunder PledgeMusic rippled through the music community, Iain Baker of UK rock group Jesus Jones was one of its most outspoken critics.  Now, Baker has decided to do something about it with the formation of ROCCR.

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Filter Cancel Reunion After PledgeMusic Fiasco

image from cdn.pixabay.comLast year, the band Filter had announced that original members Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang were reuniting to record a new album, their first since the band's 1995 debut, 'Short Bus.' The reunion has now been canceled and the band is blaming PledgeMusic.

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IHeartMedia [IHRT] Stock Falls On Market Debut

T Iheartmediahe largest radio conglomerate in the US, iHeartMedia,  became a publicly-traded company again on Thursday, are launching its direct listing.  Shares of the company, which just recently emerged from bankruptcy, are listed under the ticker “IHRT” on the NASDAQ.

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WAVE Raises $5.65 Million To Mix Music and Meditation

image from cdn2.shopify.comBreath, body, and beats could serve as the tagline for WAVE, the new subscription-based music-based meditation app and vibrating pillow that has launched with $5.65 million in seed funding. Investors include CrossLink Capital, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Collaborative Fund, and Ludlow Ventures.

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LANDR Raises $26M To Expand Beyond AI Powered Mastering

Landr-new-logoAI-powered music mastering platform LANDR has closed a $26 million Series B financing round led by Sony Innovation Fund, microphone manufacturer Shure and state-owned financing corporation Investissement Québec and Fonds de solidarité FTQ.

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Google Is Launching Yet Another Social Network. This Time It's Called Shoelace

1While nobody is about to deny Google's stature as a company, it has struggled to cultivate much success in the social network department. Still, it's not about to stop trying, as evidenced by its new attempt at the hyper-local social media platform, Shoelace.

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6 Things Every Crowdfunding Campaign Needs To Be Successful

1In the wake of PledgeMusic's recent historic trainwreck, trust in crowdfunding platforms has sunk to an all-time low. In spite of this recent challenge, however, crowdfunding remains a very much viable avenue for artists looking to fundraise for a project or tour, provided their campaign has all the necessary elements.

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Understanding, Controlling Your Finances As An Artist

2As an artist, understanding and effectively managing your finances isn't always something that comes naturally, and is often acquired through a risky trial and error process. It doesn't have to be that way however, and in this piece we look at how to craft a budget based on an understanding of yourself and your values.

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Spotify [SPOT] Schedules Next Earnings Report

Spotify New $Spotify [SP0T] will share its second quarter 2019 financial results in a call with shareholders and analysts on Wednesday, July 31st before the market opens. Spotify stock has shown strength in recent weeks rising from a May 23rd low of $121.58 to a close at $145.29 on Monday.

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Epidemic Sound Raises $20M At $370M Valuation

image from images.ctfassets.netThe explosion in video creation on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and elsewhere has been good for Epidemic Sound. The Swedish startup has raised just $20 million at a $370 million valuation to expand its platform which allows online creators to soundtrack videos.

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Spotify Says It Overpaid Songwriters And Wants Money Back

Spotify New $In it's latest spat with music publishers, Spotify says they owe the streamer for overpayments. Last year's US Copyright Royalty Board rate change included a retroactive cut in the minimum payment that the streamer makes on student and family plans along with a graduated 44%  increase in payments to songwriters and publishers over the next five years.

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PledgeMusic Board Issue Update: "Still pursuing a sale"

PledgeMusic NewOne month to the day after the PledgeMusic board issued a statement that the troubled crowdfunder was headed to administration, the UK equivalent of bankruptcy, the company's board of directors issued a brief update.

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Talk Music To Me: The Future Of Podcasts [Kyle Bylin]

1024px-Spotify_logo_without_text.svgHypebot contributor Kyle Bylin writes that Spotify's recent acquisition of Anchor, a podcast production and distribution platform, suggests that it will empower artists and influencers to create their own shows. This would introduce an entirely new opportunity for them to build an audience and connect with their listeners on Spotify. It could also usher in a wave of creativity and innovation in the music podcast genre, unlike anything we've seen before.

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New Crowdfunding Platform From Bandzoogle Seeks To Fill PledgeMusic Void

1In the wake of music crowdfunder PledgeMusic's tumultuous downfall into bankruptcy, Bandzoogle has stepped up to the plate and done some serious renovations on its website in hopes of giving artists another option to run successful crowdfunding campaigns.

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How You Can Become A Bandsintown Big Break Artist

1As part of an ambitious fan data-driven emerging artist program, Bandsintown is identifying artists who have seen recent rapid growth and launching campaigns to give them maximum exposure. Here is a look at how the process works, and how you can become a Big Break Artist.

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LiveXLive Reports Revenue, Subscriber Growth, But Still Bleeding Cash

image from celebrityaccess.comLive music streaming service LiveXLive announced financial results for the 4th quarter of 2019 and full results for their fiscal year. The company reported record revenue for their full fiscal year of $33.7 million, which was up by 368% year-over-year and $9.2 million in Q4 2019, up 29% year-over-year.

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Bandwear Responds To Post-PledgeMusic Payment Concerns

image from www.hypebot.comThis week music merchandiser Bandwear announced expansion of its crowdfunding platform and an offer to help musicians affected by the PledgeMusic collapse. Included is a staggered payout system similar to one which PledgeMusic reportedly abused by funding daily operations with money intended for artists and labels.

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Beatstars Has Paid Out $50 Million To Producers

image from theme.zdassets.comBeatStars has paid out more than $50 million to the producers who license and sell their work on the marketplace, the startup announced today. The site boasts has more than 340,000 active sellers, and its tracks have been used on a number of major hits, including Lil Nas X "Old Town Road."

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Sofar Sounds Raises Huge Amount Of Money, But Artists Don’t See Much Of It

1Sofar Sounds, a service which specializes in setting up artists with shows, particular house concerts, has had a pretty successful financial track record, putting on over 600 shows a month and bringing in an impressive amount of revenue - unfortunately, not much of that money seems to be ending up in the pockets of the actual musicians.

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Experts Weigh Future Of Crowdfunding Post-PledgeMusic

image from cdn.pixabay.comHas crowdfunding for musicians become too risky? Is it dead altogether? These kind of questions are being asked by tens of thousands of artists who had counted on PledgeMusic and fan funding to finance their next project. Hypebot asked four music marketing experts with experience in crowdfunding to share what they are telling their clients about the future of music crowdfunding.

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Industry Bomb Thrower Merck Mercuriadis On Disrupting The Music Business [INTERVIEW]

1In this edition of 'In the Hot Seat' with Larry LeBlanc, he speaks with music industry heavy-hitter and publishing pariah Merck Mercuriadis about how he's shaking up the music business with his publicly traded intellectual propery acquisition vehicle Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited.

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Was PledgeMusic Lining Their Own Pockets?

2In this latest chapter in the saga of the still-smoldering wreckage that is PledgeMusic, Mario Putzar examines some of the underlying causes that led up to the platform's current state of crisis, many of them eerily similar to another music direct-to-fan platform (now also defunct), Sellaband.

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