Music Advertising 101: Grow Your Fanbase With Better Online Ads

With touring currently impossible, and PR campaigns an expensive prospect with mixed returns, running digital ads for new music is often the most affordable and effective option for promotion. By. Continue reading

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Spotify Draws Fire For ‘Tone Deaf’ Ad Campaign: ‘Dance As If No One Is Paying”

Spotify is under fire from artist advocates and music fans over a new ad campaign that offers 4o day free trials of its Premium service. "WTF @Spotify!?! How did anyone. Continue reading

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New Type Of Ad Coming From Spotify

While nobody loves commercials, they're an essential part of how Spotify's free tier operates. The streaming service will trying something new, however, by allowing outside advertisers to "sponsor" the incredibly. Continue reading

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Cardi B Teaches How To Be Cardi B In New Spotify TV Ad [VIDEO]

Cardi B released a new album “”Invasion of Privacy” Friday; and while not a Spotify exclusive, the full album is available on the streamer from day one. So perhaps to. Continue reading

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Seeking Success For Your Songs In The World Of Music Licensing

Want to learn more about the music publishing industry? On Music Think Tank, David Dusty has posted tips from Mallory Zumbach, the Creative Director at Round Hill Music, that will. Continue reading

Share on: Weekly Recap: 4 Key Traits of Successful Independent Musicians & more

Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud   James Aviaz: Q&A: How Music Supervisors License Music Shaun Letang: 4 Key Traits Of Successful Independent Musicians Jamie Leger: The Indie Artist. Continue reading

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