Virtual Reality, Live Music Seem Like Marriage Made In Heaven

The inherent issue with any live music event is limitation of how many people can attend. No matter how large a venue, at a certain point it fills up. This is. Continue reading

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Drug Abuse And Musicians: Underlying Factors

Why is it that so many artists fall victim to drug addiction? Here we examine the underlying factors in an artist's life which so often lead them down a path. Continue reading

Share on: To Shut Down: $7M and Celebrity Investors No Match For Music Licensors

(UPDATE) After two years and $7 million, is shutting down on December 2nd. The team will concentrate on its newer Turntable Live interactive online concert platform. Once again, the. Continue reading

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Still struggling to find it's place in the online music ecosystem, is now focusing on live concert streaming.  Tickets to each interactive concert costs $3. During yesterday's premier, a. Continue reading

Share on: Fights For Survival with Turntable Live Performances

Apparently is now focusing on their live shows with the creation of a video studio and performances that go beyond dj playlists. As has faded, live events have. Continue reading

Share on: To Shut Down, New Version Of Turntable Coming In October was meant to be the lean back experience to counterbalance the more fully engaged experience. Unfortunately it didn't get the hoped for response and will be shutting down. Continue reading

Share on: Tries To Monetize With Turntable Gold, “Under New Management” [Updated]

This week launched their first real effort at monetization with Turntable Gold subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions provide users with custom avatars, stickers and the ability to post animated GIFs.. Continue reading

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