MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: How To Make Your Music Career Highly Profitable & More

Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud  Cameron Tyler: Developing a mobile app for your band Alex Marianyi: A New Breed of Artists Tom Hess: How To Make Your Music. Continue reading

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Developing A Mobile App For Your Band

Lady Gaga recently announced that her new album “ARTPOP” will be released physically, digitally, and as an interactive app. With the popularity of apps, musicians have another opportunity to showcase. Continue reading

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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: How to Develop a Hardcore Fan Base & More

Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud    Barry Gardner: Cures For Writer's Block Simon Tam: How to Develop A Hardcore Fan Base Alex Day: On The Legacy Of Jeff. Continue reading

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I’m With the Band: Tips For Traveling Success

When musicians travel for shows, it can be exciting, but exhausting at the same time. Remember to take care of yourself and plan ahead to make touring less hectic while. Continue reading

Share on: Weekly Recap: Are EDM & Hip Hop Better Suited For New Music Industry & More

Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud   Ariel Hyatt: Musician’s Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites – Ben Sommer: Why Copyright Is Evil Derek Miller: Electronic and Hip Hop Better Suited. Continue reading

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Must Have Tech For Musicians On The Road

When musicians are on the road, they appreciate technology that’s portable. You never know when inspiration will strike and you find that you need something to compose a song. With. Continue reading

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