Is Your Music In An Art Gallery Or At Ikea?

The way art is viewed depends on the perceived value and context. On Music Think Tank, David Dufresne talks about how you can compare your music to art in either. Continue reading

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Bob Baker On the Fan Engagement Triangle [VIDEO]

A few months ago, CD Baby president Brian Felsen interviewed me at the TAXI Road Rally. In this short segment we discuss old and new models of engaging with fans,. Continue reading

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You’ve Got Their Attention… Now What?

One of the hardest things to do in the music industry is getting attention and keeping it. People may be interested for a little while, but then the attention fades.. Continue reading

Share on:’s Seth Goldstein On Monetizing Music Discovery & User Engagement has gotten off to a strong start since launching in May with $7 million in funding and 600,000 users just three months in. Since then Turntable has continued to. Continue reading

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