Streaming: What Netflix Can Teach The Music Industry

People have different opinions about streaming music – some like it or love it, others hate it, and some just don’t care. Streaming has definitely changed the way music is. Continue reading

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Do Non-Exclusive Agreements Earn More From Music Placements?

Do you understand what a non-exclusive agreement is and what it means when you sign one? It’s important to understand the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive contracts and how the. Continue reading

Share on: Weekly Recap: 4 Key Traits of Successful Independent Musicians & more

Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud   James Aviaz: Q&A: How Music Supervisors License Music Shaun Letang: 4 Key Traits Of Successful Independent Musicians Jamie Leger: The Indie Artist. Continue reading

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Q&A: How Music Supervisors License Music

There have been various blog posts on Hypebot and Music Think Tank about licensing music. This week, James Aviaz interviews Season Kent, Music Supervisor at Clear Songs, whose projects include. Continue reading

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Ariel Hyatt’s 2012 Guide to SXSW

Attending SXSW or planning on going in the future? Besides all the parties, barbecue, and tacos, it's a great opportunity to meet influential people, learn about the industry, and discover. Continue reading

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Online Music Licensing Resources

Artists are always looking to get more people to listen to their music. One way to get more exposure is through licensing your music for TV, film, advertising, etc. What. Continue reading

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