How To Sell Your Music On iTunes – The Important Facts Some Leave Out

Many musicians think that once they put their music on iTunes then they are set. However, there is more to it and musicians need to do more to get exposure.. Continue reading

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Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud   Ariel Hyatt: Marketing Plan Tactics For Independent Musicians – Part 2 of 3: Album Launch Tom Dennehy: How Vinyl and iPods Ganged. Continue reading

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How Vinyl & iPods Ganged Up to Kill the Audio CD

On Music Think Tank, Tom Dennehy posts about the book, Trade-off, by Kevin Maney which states that a truly successful product provides either the richest user experience or the greatest. Continue reading

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Why Every Musician Should Build An App

Content needs to be relevant and draw people in. One major thing that people keep debating about is how to monetize content. One company has capitalized on their content by. Continue reading

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Should Digital Collections Be Worth Something?

On Music Think Tank, Kyle Bylin ponders the value of digital collections and ownership. Ebooks and music are digital collections that are worth nothing. With the increasing popularity of ebooks. Continue reading

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