Radio Search Engine Lets You Find Which Station Is Playing Your Song Right Now founder Michael Robertson has added a new search engine for music playing on the radio to his portfolio of radio-related sites and services. Radio Search Engine provides search by. Continue reading

Share on: Domain For Sale For $1M+, Is It Worth It? [Michael Robertson]

By Michael Robertson, a seriel music tech entrepennuer and founder of the original His current projects include I recently got a call from the owner of this iconic. Continue reading

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Michael Robertson Launches UberStations, Takes On TuneIn

Digital music serial entrepreneur Michael Roberston today launched UberStations. Robertson previous projects included and MP3Tunes, as well as the still active, a DVR for radio. UberStations monitors thousands of. Continue reading

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Record Labels Hope “Work For Hire” Rules Allow Them To Screw Artists Again

Guest post by founder and Mp3tunes CEO Michael Robertson. To anyone who has followed the music industry, it comes as no surprise to learn that artists with major labels. Continue reading

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