Services And Skills You Must Have To Promote, Grow Your Music Career

Here, we provide DIY artists with a little advice on how to more effectively delegate promotion, sales, and marketing tasks to help promote and cultivate your music career. Guest post. Continue reading

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5 Signs You Have A Future In Music

A career in music isn’t for everyone, but there are often significant signs early on that a person is destined for the stage (or behind it). Here we look at. Continue reading

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Could Social Media Be Ruining Your Music Career

Social media has certainly opened a lot of marketing doors for musicians, but keeping up with your online presence in addition to maintaining the rest of your music career can. Continue reading

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Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud   Shaun Letang: 8 Steps To A More Successful Music Career In 2013 (Free Ebook Download) Brian Hazard: YouTube's Dirty Little Secret  

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“Can We Get In Pitchfork?” 6 Philosophical Reasons Indie Bands Fail

Canadian music promoter and author of “Your Band Is A Virus” music marketing book series, James Moore, works with various independent artists. He has seen that the ideas and beliefs. Continue reading

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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: 5 Things You Can Learn From Your Day Job & More

Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud   Barry Gardner: How Musicians Can Save Money When Buying Instruments Ryan Buckner: Tom Hess Music Career Advice Interview And Review Simon Tam:. Continue reading

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5 Things Your Day Job Can Teach You About A Music Career

Are you a musician with a day job? Since you already have one, why not use it to build your skills? You can learn a lot in your job that. Continue reading

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Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud   David Greenberg: Resume? Resume? I Don't Need No Stinking Resume Tom Dennehy: The Social Media Bandwagon: Everybody "Likes" a Winner Marcel Williams:. Continue reading

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Resume? Resume? I Don’t Need No Stinking Resume

Well…you do need a resume when you first start out. After that, you should find time to do your own thing, gain more experience, and network. On Music Think Tank,. Continue reading

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Where Is Everyone? Why Albums Make Little Sense For New Artists

When musicians first start out their careers, their path usually involves: writing songs, playing live, and recording an album. However, with the changes in the music industry and the struggling. Continue reading

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