YouTube Shorts Launches In Effort To Compete With TikTok

Although hugely popular with an important demographic, TikTok has been having a somewhat tumultuous time with the United States government of late and YouTube – smelling blood in the water. Continue reading

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A Musicianʼs Mini-Guide to Crowdfunding – What Platform Is Right For You?

In 2012, many musicians used crowdfunding sites to try and create albums or finance other creative projects. With the various sites available, you may wonder what the differences between the. Continue reading

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Solving The Problem of New Music & Artist Discovery

In David Sherbow’s opinion, record companies and independent musicians must cultivate and create a single new digital marketplace. The record companies and musicians need to work together to develop one. Continue reading

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Did Android Just Turn Into A Real Music App Platform?

Guest post by Eliot Van Buskirk of Android recently increased its lead as the most-used smartphone operating system in the U.S. (50.9 percent, according to Comscore), but app developers. Continue reading

Share on: A Cross-Platform Portfolio Web App For Music

(UPDATED) Hypebot contributor Natalie Cheng (@ncswim881) is also the MusicThinkTank Community Manager. She writes about and works in digital music marketing, social media and technology. Creating and distributing press kits. Continue reading

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3 Reasons Spotify May Never Be the OS Of Music

After the opening and initial success of Spotify's app offering, Sten Garmark, the company's director of platform, was quoted as saying: "We have to turn ourselves into the Operating System. Continue reading

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