Session Musician’s Career Survival Guide To The Pandemic

The current pandemic has effected everyone working in the music industry, and while closed venues and cancelled tours grab most of the headlines, things are also difficult for session musicians.. Continue reading

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Small Goals For Maximum Success In 2017

For those wondering why 2016 didn't bring them the fame and fortune they were seeking in their music career, part of this issue could be the size of their goals.. Continue reading

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What To Expect When Working With Studio Musicians

For artists looking to step up their recording game and take their project to the next level, bringing in studio musicians is often a good call. Here we review what. Continue reading

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Artist Merchandising Made Simple

When you are making your own music and doing your own marketing, you have to front the cost yourself. But is it providing a large profit margin for you? Check. Continue reading

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Five Smart Ways Freelance Musicians Can Utilize YouTube

There's an overwhelmingly large community of musicians on YouTube. This has been a really positive thing, as the amount of knowledge and skill amassed on this single website has really. Continue reading

Share on: Weekly Recap: Bob Baker, Jon Ostrow, The Cyber PR Interview Series & More

Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud   Bob Baker: A Hypnotic Way to Get Fans to Open Your Emails Jon Ostrow: 3 Ways to Convert Facebook Engagement from a. Continue reading

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Tips On Becoming A Recording Studio Session Musician

Session musicians are needed for various musical projects and many dream of sitting in on cool gigs and traveling. On Music Think Tank, Darren has some tips on becoming a. Continue reading

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