Music Promo services: A path to success or streaming fraud?

If the promises made by a music promotion service sound just too good to be true, there’s a good chance they probably are. Guest post from Horus Music We have. Continue reading

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Boomplay: The African music streamer you’ve never heard of aims for global impact

Music from Africa is finding its place on the world stage and as an increasing number of Nigerian artists rise to prominence and impact western music, West African music streaming. Continue reading

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International Music Promotion: Launching Your Next D.I.Y. Global Campaign

What does “worldwide” really mean when it comes to reaching listeners? While major streaming services have international reach, there are other companies outside that US that are often much more. Continue reading

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How Music Streaming Services Could Help Artists, Fans, Labels, Charities & The Music Industry

Guest post by Benji Rogers (@benjikrogers), Founder & CEO of PledgeMusic. I'm not into streaming. I've never really made a secret of that, and as such it occurred to me. Continue reading

Share on: Weekly Recap – Spotify: Millions Of DJs & More

Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud Simon Tam: The Real Reason Why SOPA Didn’t Pass: Marketing Wes Davenport: The 5 Most Important Skills Twitter Teaches Us Shane Jones: Digital. Continue reading

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