DIY Music Tech News: SoundCloud, Vimeo, Tunezy,, Musicplayr, PledgeMusic

Though some folks still mistake "music tech" for a limited range of companies and products such as Spotify, Pandora and iTunes, the diy-focused music tech world is typically a much. Continue reading

Share on:’s New CEO Details Fresh Revenue Streams For DJs

Recently announced that they were launching a royalty system for DJs that upload mixes to the site. Having already solved the problem of paying copyright holders for mix content,. Continue reading

Share on: Refocuses On DJ Curated Net Radio, Announces New Hires today officially announced recent additions to its team. The web radio startup featuring dj mixtapes added industry veterans Michael Wenzel as chief development officer, Nic Luciano as chief technology. Continue reading

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Music Tech Startup News: StoryAmp,, StageBloc, FANtastic4bands,

Several of the music tech startups we've covered here at Hypebot have recently launched new intiatives or upgraded their services. StoryAmp is doing a bit of promotion with a music. Continue reading

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Dubset Relaunches As, Offers DJs Legal Platform For Uploading Mixes

With the relaunch of Dubset as, many of my previous questions about monetizing the service have been answered. More importantly for djs, presents a platform for legally uploading. Continue reading

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