Watch time is essential to growing a YouTube channel – Here’s why

If you’re an artist with a YouTube channel, chances are you invest a fair amount of time creating content for it, but if these videos aren’t pulling viewers in, then. Continue reading

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Survival Of The Optimized: Your Videos On YouTube

YouTube has amassed an incredible viewership, this past year hitting two billion monthly users (roughly 25% of the planet's population) and housing a vast array of all types of content.. Continue reading

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Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud Tom Dennehy: Can the Cloud Satisfy the Streaming Audio Demands of Bit Snobs? Simon Tam: Boosting Views on Your Videos and Engagement with. Continue reading

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How To Boost Views Of Your Videos & Engagement With Your Fans

You want fans to engage with your content and view your videos. On a recent post, Simon Tam writes about what his band is doing for their tour to increase. Continue reading

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Electronic Dance Music In Historical Perspective

With electronic dance music's surging popularity attracting the attention of investors, Madonna trying to stay on top with an album titled MDNA and references to Molly (MDMA) and EMI launching. Continue reading

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Check Out Chill – “ For Videos”

Chill launched last week and was quickly dubbed a " for Videos" in that it hosts VJ'ing rooms using videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu. I've been checking it out. Continue reading

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How To Make Money Through YouTube Ads

Do you have YouTube videos of your performances or musings? There’s a possibility that you could be getting money through YouTube ads. Note: You cannot participate if you cover songs.. Continue reading

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