Weekly Recap: The Rise of Vinyl & More

Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud   Corey Crossfield: Mobile Engagement With Applications Simon Tam: How to Get a Sponsor or Endorsement: The Sponsorship Packet/Proposal Outline Joe Petro: The. Continue reading

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The Rise Of Vinyl

Sales of vinyl records are up and Joe Petro has a theory on why some are going analog in the digital age. With streaming sites like Spotify, music is easily. Continue reading

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Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud   Ariel Hyatt: Marketing Plan Tactics For Independent Musicians – Part 2 of 3: Album Launch Tom Dennehy: How Vinyl and iPods Ganged. Continue reading

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How Vinyl & iPods Ganged Up to Kill the Audio CD

On Music Think Tank, Tom Dennehy posts about the book, Trade-off, by Kevin Maney which states that a truly successful product provides either the richest user experience or the greatest. Continue reading

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Adventures in Vinyl: Vinyl Pinboard, Stuffed Vinyl And The Blood Of Ke$ha

Though vinyl sales are on the rise, I don't think we can attribute the wide-ranging creative approaches artists are taking with vinyl releases to sales figures alone. The tangible nature. Continue reading

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Why Fans Buy Vinyl & The Apps That Guide Them

Guest post by Andy Cush of As someone who spends lots of time thinking about the future of music as an app phenomenon, it might surprise you that I. Continue reading

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