Sound & Vision: Music Visualization Allows You To See Your Sounds

While visuals and sound are often though as separate entities, the two often compliment each other, and have the ability to draw and enhance elements of the other. Here we. Continue reading

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Where The Music Industry Thinks Out Loud    Simon Tam: How to Get Into SXSW Tom Dennehy: Forget Your Business Model. What is Your Vision? Leena Sowambur: My TEDx Talk. Continue reading

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Forget Your Business Model, What is Your Vision?

To survive in the long run, businesses need to have a vision. With the business of selling music CDs on the decline, you need to adapt your business to these. Continue reading

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What Are You Waiting For?

Ever ask yourself: “What am I waiting for?” Blake Easter has asked this question his whole life. Many artists wait on others and rely on managers. They need to take. Continue reading

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On Management In The Music Industry

“Music enterprises must be able to strategize and plan in order to create value for its customers." None Like Joshua writes on Music Think Tank about strategy, planning, and management. Continue reading

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MTT: Is Your Music Lost in Translation?

In his recent post, Max Willens explores the difficulty of translating and bringing ideas into the real world. He references a New York Times editorial, Found in Translation, which describes. Continue reading

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