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U.S. Copyright Office Gets A New Boss and Chris Castle Is Very Happy

Who heads the U.S. Copyright Office may seem like a boring topic, but how that person balances the competing interests of creators, rightsholders, media, and consumers dictates how much almost. Continue reading

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Guide To Maximizing Your Music’s Niche

Once upon a time, niche artists were hemmed in by the geographical limitations of wherever they happened to be. Thanks to the internet, however, these same artists can now focus. Continue reading

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Inside The Deal That Saved TikTok (Or Did It?)

Mere days after the Department Of Commerce announced plans to bring down the axe on TikTok’s neck, we dig into the deal with Oracle and Wal-Mart that may save the. Continue reading

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Secrets Of K-Pop Revealed With Bernie Cho [Part 2]

In the second half of this two-part article, DFSB Kollective President Bernie Cho chats with Chartmetric on issues including transmedia marketing, glocalization, a post-TikTok world, and even Donald Trump’s Triller. Continue reading

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TikTok Asks U.S. Court To Stop Looming App Ban

TikTok has requested a court injunction to stop the banning of its app in the United States. TikTok is asking a District of Columbia judge to block the executive order. Continue reading

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How Data is Redefining A&R’s Role In The Modern Music Industry

Although A&Rs are still looking for the same qualities in an artist as they were fifty years ago, what they’re looking for in that same artist’s data – and they. Continue reading

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Bandcamp Sales Up 122% As CEO Offers Rare Look Inside The ‘Anti-Spotify’

In that last 30, days sales at indie music hub Bandcamp are up 122% year-over-year, according CEO Ethan Diamond who shared a rare look inside what the LA Times dubbed. Continue reading

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How To Improve Your Live Streaming Audio: An Artist’s Guide

For the time being, live streaming is the dominate form of live performance, and while performing out of your own home can be convenient in a lot of ways, it. Continue reading

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Students Create Quarantine Marketing Battle 2020

With the prospect of a 2020 summer internship in the music industry disintegrating before her, one forward thinking music business student decided to create a quarantine marketing battle, where students. Continue reading

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Bandzoogle Adds Live Stream Video Integrations

Bandzoogle has added new integrated options for live streams and videos, as part of an ongoing effort to help artists replace income lost during the pandemic from touring. Bandzoogle now. Continue reading

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