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The Modern Record Label Post COVID-19 and Navigating The Recession

Last week, FastFWD enlisted Mark E Stewart, CEO and Partner at RZ3 Recordings (formally Red Zone Entertainment) and Jesse Kirshbaum, CEO of NUE Agency, LLC to discuss what the record. Continue reading

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Joe Rogan’s Spotify Deal Is Good For Musicians – Here’s Why

One of the most successful podcasts to date, the Joe Rogan Experience is making a new home at Spotify, thanks to an exclusive $100 million deal which could have huge. Continue reading

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Should I “Officially” Copyright My Song? Basics Of Music Copyrights, Royalties Part 2 [VIDEO]

In this video, Disc Makers CEO Tony van Veen breaks down the legal rationale for why it’s worth “officially” copyrighting your music as an artist and songwriter. Guest post by. Continue reading

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How The The TikTok Algorithm Works

TikTok has something of a reputation for making its algorithm more inscrutable than many other social media platforms, and while there’s not silver bullet for hacking it, there are a. Continue reading

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Life In Quarantine: How Artists Are Coping

With live shows still on the distant horizon, most artists are by now resigned to the fact that they’re in this for the long haul. So how are they dealing. Continue reading

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Bandcamp Expands Direct To Fan Messaging

Bandcamp has brought the messaging functionality in its app to desktop and added key new features. From a new Community tab artists and labels can compose and send a an. Continue reading

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Can’t Sell Music In 2020? Run The Jewels Pre-Sale Tops $1M In 48 Hours

Run The Jewels recent pre-sale topped $1 million in it’s first 48 hours. The group’s new BMG album comes out June 5th. Still think it’s impossible to sell music in. Continue reading

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Non-Stop Dance Party: How Daybreaker Makes Movement Magic Online

Among the many organizations adapting to this new pandemic reality is Daybreaker, the body movement morning dance party. Forced to shut down its international in-person events, Daybreaker LIVE now takes. Continue reading

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Instagram Adds Monetization For Musicians, Creators

Instagram is launching new features that enable musicians and content creators to monetize their work. They include digital badges and the addition of shared ad revenue in its long-form video. Continue reading

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Inspiration Or Copy? A Guide To “Borrowing” Song Ideas

As a musician, it’s only natural to be inspired by the music of your ideals. So how does one practically harness this inspiration without it resulting in creatively (and legally). Continue reading

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