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AFL-CIO, America’s largest union, backs American Music Fairness Act

The AFL-CIO, America’s largest union is officially backing US Congressional efforts to get musicians paid when their songs are played on broadcast radio. The American Federation of Labor and Congress. Continue reading

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5 biggest Spotify mistakes musicians make

You may have been told a million times on how to market and distribute music on Spotify. Well…here’s what NOT to do. by CHRIS ROBLEY from CD Baby’s DIY Musician blog. Continue reading

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15 best FREE DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations)

Music tech alone accumulates a hefty bill. Here are 15 free DAWs that will help you save some money while creating quality sounds. by DITTO MUSIC Making music is a. Continue reading

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Canada to demand $770M yearly for local creators from Spotify, YouTube, TikTok

Canada is on track to passing legislation that will all require audio and video streaming services to pay an estimated $770 million into a fund to help Canadian musicians and. Continue reading

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75% of YouTube users are watching Shorts

Studies show that shorter content does better for fan engagement. Keep reading to find out how to utilize YouTube Shorts to gain more likes, subscribers, and success. by Bobby Owsinski. Continue reading

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MQA calls for a more sustainable music streaming ecosystem

Pioneering audio technology company MQA is calling for innovation-led solutions to create a more sustainable music streaming ecosystem. from A2IM MQA CEO Mike Jbara joined !K7’s founder Horst Weidenmüller on a panel at Indie. Continue reading

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Two lawsuits could reshape how much labels pay artists for streaming

Two lawsuits – one involving indie artist For Tet and the other legendary rockers Orleans – take aim at how record labels calculate streaming payments to artists. Collectively they could. Continue reading

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How to tour sustainably

Music touring alone generates metric tonnes of greenhouse gasses a year. Keep reading to learn about ‘green touring’ and how to shrink your band’s carbon footprint. by SOUNDFLY PARTNERS of. Continue reading

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How RXPTRS got MORE fans during the pandemic

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got and more, but the men of RXPTRS make it looks easy. Today, they tell us the secrets to their. Continue reading

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31 ways to make money from music

There are plenty more ways to make a profit off your music than streaming and live shows… we’ve got about 29 more. by Greg Majewski from CD Baby’s DIY Musician. Continue reading

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