the new music industry

Exploring the Evolution of Music Promotion in the Digital Age

Dive into how digital technology has revolutionized music promotion for artists everywhere. by OrSn Hosho of 1. Introduction In today’s digital age, music promotion has undergone a transformative evolution. Continue reading

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Musician’s guide to planning a successful tour

Learn straight from experienced professionals everything you need to know about planning an efficient and successful tour. from DITTO MUSIC The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) is a world leader in. Continue reading

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Why Pre-Save links are so important for indie artists + How to use them

Here’s everything you need to know about Spotify and other streaming music pre-saves and how they can be a game-changer for your next release. by Janelle Borg of AmplifyYou As. Continue reading

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Fifty Fifty’s rise to K-Pop superstardom

K-Pop’s latest sensation, girl group FIFTY FIFTY, proves that even newcomers can make the charts thanks to the power of TikTok. From Chartmetric by Rachel Saywitz, a Queens-based music and. Continue reading

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What you missed at Music Biz: AI, Intellectual Property & Data for Days

The topics of tech ecosystems and their impact on everything from intellectual property to economics were tangible, with a consistent buzz at the recent 2023 Music Biz Conference in Nashville,. Continue reading

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Bandsintown launches Ad Manager for low-cost audience-expanding marketing campaigns

Bandsintown has added a tool to help the 570,000 registered Artists that use the popular music discovery platform to create and manage low-cost audience-expanding email marketing campaigns. Staying connected with. Continue reading

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Chartmetrics relaunches free OneSheet artist EPKs

Music data and analytics firm Chartmetric debuted it’s recently relaunched OneSheet program at the Music Biz in Nashville, after acquiring the startup last year. By David Benjamin De Cristofaro To create. Continue reading

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#Musicians: How to get the most out of your failures

Some failures may feel like setbacks when they can actually be the opposite. Here’s how to learn better from your mistakes for a more successful future. By Noa Kageyama, Ph.D. Continue reading

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How to claim an Artist Profile on Deezer: a music streamer with 9M users

9.2 million music fans use EU-based music streamer Deezer compared with about 6 million who use TIDAL. But have your claimed your artist’s profile there? Here is how. by DITTO. Continue reading

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How to track what’s trending on Instagram Reels and make them work for you

There are certain tips and tricks when it comes to understanding and utilizing Instagram Reels, and this post explains them all. Here’s how to stay up to date on all. Continue reading

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