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Every weekday Hypebot filter’s through the noise to focus on what really matters in the fast-changing music business and identify actionable trends in music marketing, music tech, and much more.. Continue reading

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14 tips for designing killer musician merch

Selling merch can be a great way to earn extra cash and connect with your fans. Here are some tips on how to design items that will fly off the. Continue reading

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Tackling big projects: How do you eat a singing elephant?

No, this post is not a riddle or an exotic recipe… it’s a musician’s guide on how to attack big projects that may seem a bit overwhelming at first glance.. Continue reading

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Musician’s Guide: How to make people remember you

Trying to reel in some more fans? The following ‘Audience Activation Funnel’ demonstrates how to leave an impression on new listeners. by JORDAN GATES of Indie Gigging These days artists. Continue reading

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Who released the first ever CD?

There are a few albums vying for the title of “first CD ever released,” and how you phrase the question makes a difference. by Andre Calilhanna of Disc Makers Blog. Continue reading

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Apple Music now hosts 100 million songs, 18 million more than Spotify

UPDATED: 21 years after the debut of iTunes and the original iPod, which held 1,000 songs, Apple Music says it now offers 100 million songs with a monthly subscription. It’s. Continue reading

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Your Morning Coffee Podcast: A catalog deep dive • A&R in the TikTok era • Artist royalty advances & more

Episode #112 of Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart’s Your Morning Coffee: Weekly News for the New Music Business podcast is live, and you can listen to it here. Episode #112. Continue reading

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Spotify is in music industry’s crosshairs, but TikTok gets a Free Pass [Bill Werde]

TikTok, which is being touted as the #1 place for music discovery, is paying creators and rightsholders a fraction of what Spotify does, and yet the streamer is under constant. Continue reading

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The keys to indie artist success with Duncan Daniels

Award-winning Afropop artist Duncan Daniels talks about his journey through the industry as an independent artist. by Janelle Borg from AmplifyYou Duncan Daniels, a Boston-born, Nigerian Afrobeat and Afropop artist,. Continue reading

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Google & Co. are hiding details of their royalty settlement [Chris Castle Op-Ed]

A Judges’ effort at transparency failed because Google and some other big corportations wanted it that way. Op-Ed by CHRIS CASTLE from Music Tech Policy You may have heard that. Continue reading

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