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Resilience In Music: Composers In Times of Hardship

In times of hardship such as these, artists often struggle in particular, with arts falling by the wayside in favor of basic needs like food and medicine. That said, many. Continue reading

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Make Money Performing On Twitch With Help From Bandsintown

Of the multitude of live streaming platforms available, Twitch has some of the best tools to monetize performances. But approval as an Affiliate – the status needed to earn money. Continue reading

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Why Taking A Break From Music Can Sometimes Be A Good Idea

Many musicians and others working in the music industry are, like it or not, finding themselves taking a break. With shows cancelled across the board, and the future looking decidedly. Continue reading

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FRI. BRIEF: Spotlight On Live Steaming • Music Biz COVID-19 Updates • More

FRIDAY 4.3.2020 • Music Business News From Across The Web Updated Continuously Under The More News Tab Above

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30,000 New Creators Launched On Patreon In First 3 Weeks Of March

More than 30,000 musicians and other creators launched their first campaigns on Patreon in the days right after the coronavirus pandemic began to take hold globally. The number of fans. Continue reading

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3 Revenue Streams For Working Artists, Bands

In a time when conventional live performances are out of the question, other sources of revenue for musicians are more important than ever. In this excerpt we look at three. Continue reading

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Cost To Trademark A Band Name

Registering your band name as a legal trademark is a key step in your career as an artist. Here we break down the necessary steps in doing so, and take. Continue reading

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Soundcloud Offers $15M In Support As Creators Surge 50%

SoundCloud is offering a $15 million package of support for musicians struggling during the coronavirus shutdown. The platform has seen a 50% surge in creators uploading tracks in the last. Continue reading

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Scammers Targets Artists Using Fake ‘Warner Music Group’ Offer

In spite, or more likely because of the vulnerable state musicians currently find themselves in, a group of scammers have been using a fake Warner Music Group offer to offer. Continue reading

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Temporary Jobs Artists Can Pick Up During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The reality of cancelled gigs, and upcoming tours distant on the horizon, bands and musicians sitting out the Coronovirus pandemic have seen many of their revenue streams dry up. Here. Continue reading

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