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SEO For Artists: 10 Tips

As saturated as the internet may be with content, search engines optimization remains more important than ever when it comes to making your music findable. Here, we look at ten. Continue reading

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How To Build, Connect With An International Audience

As the music business has transitioned into a more global industry, it is becoming increasingly important for artists and labels to find ways to connect with a much broader, international. Continue reading

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Maintaining Your Tour Van (Even During A Pandemic)

For the time being, all in person live shows remain a far off dream, but once live shows come roaring back, pent up demand will have you out on the. Continue reading

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Bandsintown PLUS: Game-Changing Live Music Streaming Subscription Service Launches

Bandsintown has launched Bandsintown PLUS, a first of its kind monthly subscription service offering fans affordable access to exclusive music live streams and musicians the support needed to produce innovative. Continue reading

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3 Breakthrough Artists On Their First Year On Spotify [INTERVIEW]

In this three part interview, we hear from three different artists – Jenieveve, glaive, and Emanuel – who saw major breakout success on Spotify in the year 2020. Guest post. Continue reading

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80/20 Rule And How It Can Make You A More Successful Musician

The principle that 20% of all input and activities produce 80% of the output and results has endured for many years in the business world, and can be also be. Continue reading

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How To Set Up An Online Release Party

As with so many aspects of live music, releasing new music can be a little different in a pandemic. Record store parties and live release shows are of course out. Continue reading

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Short Attention Spans Are Dramatically Altering Songwriting: Here’s How

As attention spans shrink, and the competition increases, today’s hits are getting shorter and shorter, and drastically changing songwriting itself in the process. Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix. Continue reading

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A2IM Featured Exec: Einar Helde, Co-Founder, Head of Biz Dev at AIMS

In this edition of A2IM’s Executive of the Week series, they’re showcasing the work of Einar Helde, international production veteran and Co-Founder & Head of Business Development at the music. Continue reading

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Rise Of Regional Latin Music: Mexican Music Genres

Here, we break down how global streaming operations like Deezer, YouTube, Pandora, and others are helping to push Mexican genres of music such as Mariachie, Banda, and Corrido into the. Continue reading

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