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Webby Awards For Best Of The Net Announced

The Webby’s – the awards for the best of the web – have been announced and in the music industry the winners include: Aritst of The Year – Gorillaz  Breakout. Continue reading

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Hollywood Learns To Love File Sharing. Why Can’t The Labels?

"The problem of piracy is getting worse, not better," says Kevin Tsujihara, president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group who has made a deal to make feature films available for. Continue reading

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Download Buyers Less Hit Driven Than Record Store Sales

Click on image to enlarge. Download music buyers are less hit driven than their brick and mortar counterparts according to a study by Wired editor-in-chief Chris Andersen for his upcoming. Continue reading

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Hypebot’s New Music Industry Briefing For Tuesday May 9, 2006

UPDATED: Digital Music distributor The Orchard has added Muiscane to it’s list of offerings.  Orchard labels will now be able to sell downloads from their own or the band’s site. Continue reading

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Two Analysts Downgrade WMG: Report & Commentary

Two Wall Street firms downgraded Warner Music Group stock with Citigroup citing several scenarios that could send WMG’s stock falling.  Pali Research feels that speculation surrounding the EMI-WMG merger is. Continue reading

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New List Of Web 2.0 Companies Shaping The Music Industry

A month ago we published a list compiled by OpenBC of the of next generation web based music companies and then updated it.  It was one of our most popular. Continue reading

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Hypebot’s New Music Industry Briefing For Monday May 6 ,2006

UPDATED: Apple Computer won its legal battle against the Beatles today when a UK judge ruled that Apple’s iTunes did not infringe on the trademark of Apple Corps or Apple. Continue reading

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Bonnaroo And Superfly Struggle With Success

The latest issue of Fast Company magazine profiles the young founders of the massively successful Bonnaroo Festival, Superfly Productions, and their struggles with maintaining and expanding the powerful brand that. Continue reading

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EMI To Up WMG Bid. Counteroffer Seen Possible.

The UK press is reporting that EMI is going to up it’s offer for the Warner Music Group from $4.23 million to $4.4 million also upping the percentage of cash. Continue reading

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More On Amazon’s Music Service As MTV’s URGE Nears Launch

Gizmodo has a source who tells them that is close to launching its own music services which will include a branded portable player and offer: A desktop app/web app. Continue reading

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