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Clear Channel Story Comments

Don’t miss yesterday’s exclusive Hypebot story on how Clear Channel Radio’s program to satisfy a promise to the FCC to support indie music actually forces artists to waive all of. Continue reading

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Burnlounge Shifts To Affiliate Model, But Once Again The Fan Feels Scorched

After coming under heavy fire from the Federal Trade Commission, Burnlounge is changing it’s business model.  The FTC called Burnlounge’s network marketing system a "pyramid scheme" and went to court. Continue reading

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Study Says Global Digital Sales Will Pass CD’s In 3 Years

According to a new PriceWaterhouse study, in just three years the digital distribution of music will surpass physical distribution globally as mobile phone delivery becomes a bigger part of the. Continue reading

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New Music Business Briefing: Congress Reviews Net Radio, Sirius Edging Out XM, AT&T Anticipates iPhone Rush & Much More

>>> House Small business Committee to hold hearings on new higher royalty rates for internet broadcasters. (RAIN) >>> Sirius continues to lead XM in month to month sales 55/45. (FMQB). Continue reading

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Hip Hop Business News From ProHipHop

From ProHipHop: >>> Big Boi stars in Who’s Your Caddy? opening July 27th. >>> Dances From Tha Hood premiered on MTV over the weekend featuring hip hop dancer/choreographer Tweetie teaching. Continue reading

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Clear Channel Forcing Artists To Waive Rights & Royalties To Participate In FCC Mandated Indie Music Program

Part of the recent settlement between the FCC and  major radio groups ending a probe into payola charges was a promise of greater access to the airwaves for independent music. . Continue reading

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A Video Tribute To Punk Planet Magazine

R.I.P. Punk Planet Magazine via Daily Swarm.

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WMG Stock Slumps. Rykodisc & Cordless Consolidate. Is Reprise Next?

Earlier this week Warner Music Group’s stock hit new lows and more staffers were let go. Today comes news that the label group is combining its Rykodisc label and Cordless. Continue reading

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New Music Business Briefing: EMI Shows Gains, Rollng Stone Declares Major Labels Dead & More

>>> EMI is reporting early sales gains from its DRM free experiment. (Bloomberg) Expect further acceleration by the Fall as Amazon and other stores come online with DRM free and. Continue reading

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SnoCap Powers Ad Supported Streaming On imeem Social Network

Today was a busy day in the ad supported music world. First came Pater Gabriel’s** ad supported We7 announcing a deal with V2 and now Shawn Fanning’s ** SNOCAP has. Continue reading

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