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Watch Out Downloaders! Hilary & Jay Are At It Again With News Consultancy

Hilary Rosen, who started the RIAA down the path of suing Grammy and a the 12 year old down the block is opening a consultancy with Jay Berman ,another old. Continue reading

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New Poll Says High Prices And Lousy Music Reasons For Sales Slump; Not Downloading

A new poll points to high prices and lousy music far more than illegal downloading as the reason for the continuing decline in CD sales. 80% of the poll’s respondents. Continue reading

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New Analysis Predicts Shakeout In Online Music Delivery

A new white paper by industry analysts Point-Topic takes a close look at the outlook for online music services in 2006 and the picture is not entirely pretty: "2005 was. Continue reading

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CD Sales Flat In January But Downloads Up 125%

Sales of CDs remained flat in January at 40 million total units matching a dismal 2005.  But paid download levels soared during the month jumping 125 percent over comparable levels. Continue reading

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Google Denies Napster Interest

UPDATE: Google has e-mailed a statement to the press denying yesterday’s New York Post story about a Napster purchase or alliance. The email states that Google has "no plans to. Continue reading

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Skype And WMG Offer Ringtones For The Home

UPDATE & ANALYSIS: Proving once again that new technologies can monetize music and content in ways that we have barely imagined,Internet phone service Skype has inked with Warner Music to. Continue reading

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Google Reportedly In Acquisition Talks With Napster

The New York Post is reporting that Google is aggressively seeking a strategic alliance with or even the outright purchase of Napster. Rumors have been rampant in recent days both. Continue reading

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Will Cell Phones Be The Real Radio/iPod Killer?

Since a lot of us don’t have a print subscription to FMQB (and aren’t really sure we need one anymore), you may have missed an interesting analysis on the future. Continue reading

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Cumulus Radio Group Stops Reporting To Trades

According to the Cumulus radio group will no longer report it’s music adds to the trades.   "As of next week we are no longer reporting adds….charts do nothing for. Continue reading

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Hypebot’s Digital Music QuickNews: Yahoo Grabs Grammys & Google May Open Music Store

Trumping rival AOL, Yahoo Music will provide the official Grammy web presence with previews, exclusives and behind the scenes action.  But that won’t stop Billboard and others from trying to. Continue reading

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