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WMG Rebuffs Intial $4.23 Billion EMI Offer. Merger Still Likely…But Does It Matter?

REPORT & COMMENTARY: EMI offered to buy Warner Music on Monday for $4.23 billion and were rejected. In a prepared statement EMI said that  "Warner informed EMI that it did. Continue reading

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Manager & Indie Label Founder Jeff Catalez Speaks Out

"As the music business has contorted and shifted, there’s an amazing new playing field, where anyone with indicting music, a budget to hire the incredibly skilled and passionate former major. Continue reading

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Hypebot’s New Music Industry Briefing For Tuesday May 2, 2006

– Annual shipments of portable music players will more than double to 286 million by 2010 an new report says.  (TechWeb) – As rumored Apple has renewed contracts with the. Continue reading

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Pandora Founder Speaks Out

On creating a broader industry and an artistic middle class: "…There’s a ‘sea of great music’ that never sees the light of day,’ outside of the 2-3% of artists that. Continue reading

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Hope For Indie Labels

Earlier this month the Knowledge Problem blog (Commentary on Economics, Information and Human Action) asked the question that many Hypebot readers think they already know the answer to – "Has. Continue reading

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KCDX – Eclectic Free From Radio Captures Audience

An LA Times columnist takes a look at a maverick truly free form station that is winning fans in AZ. Read the full article here.

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Todd Rundgren Tells Senate Committee Labels Are “Mindless Parasites”

"The behavior of the majors has been that of a mindless parasite, contributing nothing, yet trying to get its snout into the bloodstream of any new development. The knee-jerk justification. Continue reading

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EMI Takeover Bid For WMG Rumored

"EMI is preparing to make a takeover bid for US rival Warner Music in a deal that would create the second-biggest music group in the world, writes the Mail on. Continue reading

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Napster Repositions With Free Song Streaming & Community Features

Napster is again repositioning itself with an offering that allows users to listen to any track in their extensive catalog five times for free.  The Free Napster ad supported service. Continue reading

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Hypebot’s New Music Industry Briefing For Monday May 1, 2006

UPDATED: Muze acquires digital music back end provider Loudeye for $11 million. (Digital Music News) – RCA goes for the long tail with downloads of out of print classic dance. Continue reading

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