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Mall Music Retailer Trans World To Buy Musicland/Sam Goody

Trans World Entertainment has entered into a purchase and sale agreement with Musicland who are currently in Chapter 11. The sale is still subject to court approval,but few believe that. Continue reading

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Police Stop Major P2P Hub But Does It Matter?

Swiss and Belgian police shut down Razorback 2 a major server hub of the eDonkey P2P network the Motion Picture Association said yesterday.  At its peak last year eDonkey had. Continue reading

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More Trouble Ahead At Sony BMG?

Just as Andy Lack moves downstairs and Rolf Schmidt-Holmes heads to the executive, come rumors of troubled waters ahead for Sony BMG including a possible breakup of the two merged. Continue reading

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Camplified Tour Brings New Music To Summer Camps

Want to reach the pre-teen market with your music?  Here’s an unusual appproach – a tour of summer camps. In July 2003, the first Camplified tour was launched at 15. Continue reading

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Clear Channel & Cumulus Cancel Country Radio Meetings As Payola Probe Continues

NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer’s payola probe of record labels and large radio groups apparently led to radio giants Clear Channel and Cumulus canceling annual meetings at last week’s Country. Continue reading

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Barry Manilow #1 In Billboard. What Is This World Coming Too?

OK, admit it. It’s a long weekend and yet you still are a bit…depressed.  If you’re like me (and if you’re reading this you probably are) your funk is in. Continue reading

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100 Free & Affordable High And Low Tech Ways To Promote Live Music

Earlier this week at Pollstar Magazine’s Concert Industry Consortium in Las Vegas I gave two round-tables entitled 100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Ways To Promote.  It was. Continue reading

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Podbop Hooks You Up With New Bands On Tour

The just launched Podbop provides another great example of how the net can democratize music discovery .  Pop in your zip code and the site shows you bands coming to. Continue reading

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XM FALTERS: A Brief Analysis

Every music head’s favorite satellite provider XM posted much wider losses in recent SEC filings despite significant increases in it’s subscriber base.  Increased costs in hooking each subscriber was apparently. Continue reading

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Digital Hollywood To Spotlight Startups

Here is an interesting opportunity for tech related music start-ups and visionaries (that’s you Hypebot readers!): A new event that will kick off at Digital Hollywood Spring called "Launch" is. Continue reading

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