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Smart Old School Promo: Dylan & Willie Nelson Tour Minor League Ball Parks

Here is some smart old school tour packaging that is generating a lot of buzz for two classic artists as reported by “Music legends Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. Continue reading

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Labels Worry As CD/DVD Hyrbrid Format Hits Snag

In what can’t be good news for the record industry, Yahoo! News/Reuters reports that, “plans to sell new hybrid CD/DVDs have hit legal and licensing snags that threaten to scuttle. Continue reading

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From While users are turning away from free peer-to-peer services like Kazaa under threats of industry lawsuits, worries about spyware, and dissatisfaction with the poor quality of tracks, new. Continue reading

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Colleges Punishing Downloader

From Music “it’s now being reported that almost all Kentucky colleges are yanking Internet access from copyright violators. Repeated violations can invoke a permanent ban. Morehead State, for instance,. Continue reading

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Another From The “It’s About Time” Department

Publisher Merriam-Webster announced the new entries for its 2004 Collegiate Dictionary, with new technology-related terms including “MP3” and “MPEG” among those making the cut. Usually, new entries take at least. Continue reading

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UK Bands Use New Technologies To Promote Spontaneous Guerrilla Performances

From “Punk is back, and it’s got a laptop. A new breed of alternative British rocker is once again giving the finger to the corporate music machine, thanks to. Continue reading

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Starbucks Hear Music Channel will Launch this Fall on XM Radio

XM Satellite Radio, the nation’s leading satellite radio provider, and the Starbucks Coffee Company have entered into an exclusive, multi- year strategic marketing alliance. As part of the agreement, the. Continue reading

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Effortlessly Create A Personalized Radio Staion With Last.FM

Here’s a little story that may turn out to be another big nail in the coffin of broadcast and even internet radio and provides some interesting possibilities for organic music. Continue reading

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Digital Bazar Announces Bitmunk – A Legal, Copyright-Aware, Peer-to-Peer Network For Music, Movies

Venturing into the online file distribution scene today, Digital Bazar, Inc. announced a new service called Bitmunk that solves the biggest problem in peer-to-peer file trading – making sure the. Continue reading

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Rio Introduces iPod Mini Challenger

Rio introduces iPod Mini challenger with 25% more storage and 30-40% longer battery life. FROM THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: “In the world of portable music players, the spotlight has lately been. Continue reading

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