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RIAA Finally Does Something Smart?

From Digital Media Wire: RIAA Launches “Gold,” “Platinum” Certifications for Download Sales Los Angeles — The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced that it will add sales of digitally. Continue reading

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Discount Anti-Piracy CD’s

FROM THE “CAN IT GET ANY STRANGER?” DEPARTMENT – Another way to compete with downloading and burning will be tested in Europe this August, when BMG starts offering a multi-tiered. Continue reading

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In an interesting blending of two media, FUSE – a music video cable channel available in 36 million homes – has launched the Daily Download Show. Featuring the videos of. Continue reading

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UK’S TOP RINGTONES – The Top 10 Chart Of The Future?

A UK company has posted the UK’s Top 10 Ringtones of 2003. Ringtones are estimated to be a $3 million business worldwide that is just starting to explode in the. Continue reading

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Billboard, the world’s leading music and entertainment trade publication, today announced that it has partnered with CelebrityAccess, the leading provider of real-time news and information to the live performance industry.. Continue reading

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The New Gatekeepers Part 1: Online Retailer

Interesting article in the July issue of Business 2.0 Magazine about online CD retailer One of the unanswered questions of music on the net is “when people can listen. Continue reading

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The Truth About iPod

Credit Where Credit is Due Department: Jobs and Apple triggered a revolution in the way we buy, store and enjoy music with iTunes and the iPod. But doesn’t is suck. Continue reading

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People usually don’t buy CD’s or go to shows unless they’ve heard the music first. Therefore indy musicians are rejoicing that is back. This community of musicians, lovers of. Continue reading

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Affordable Emailable Electronic Press Kits

If you’re a musician (and maybe even if you’re not) and you could use an affordardable, easy to set-up, emailable electronic press kit you just can’t beat Sonicbids. In addition. Continue reading

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