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Byrd’s Roger McGGuinn Uses Technology To Beat The System

USA Today has published a story about how tecnology has allowed former Byrds frontman and solo folk artist Roger McGuinn and other musicians to inexpensively record and release their music.. Continue reading

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The RIAA Files 744 More Lawsuits Against Downloaders

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the evil empire represented by the RIAA have “filed lawsuits against 744 unidentified people in nine states Wednesday, claiming copyright breaches by Internet users who. Continue reading

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Indy Tool Provider Wraptor Adds Tickets To Mix

In an partnership that shows the potentail of technology helping indy artists and labels take control of almost every aspect of their careers, Wraptor, developer of a multimedia file format. Continue reading

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Dylan & Nelson Tour Ballparks In Unique Package

It’s been a very weak concert season and one of the few bright spots is coming from an unusual place – minor league ballparks. In what hypebot thinks is one. Continue reading

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Free Music Compilations For Hair Salons

In what hypebot thinks is a smart and innovative move to expose new music releases to the important female 18+ demographic, Audio Fidelity is launching a new venture with John. Continue reading

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Microsoft Enters The Online Music Market

According to the San Jose Mercury News, “Expect Microsoft to announce its long-anticipated foray into the online music business this week, raising the competitive stakes for the current market leader,. Continue reading

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Music Awards Shortlist Announces Nominess

An innovative awards program that promotes and honors non-mainstream music, The Shortlist Organization has revealed this year’s “Long List” of 73 initial nominations for the 2004 Shortlist Music Prize, as. Continue reading

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Help For The Majors Is On The Way: The DualDisc Comes To The US

CELEBRITYACCESS reports that the CD/DVD combo disc DualDisc is finally coming to our shores. Is this just another attempt to prop up a sagging bottom line at the major labels?. Continue reading

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Forbes Magazine Profiles XM And The Death Of Radio

This month’s Forbes magazine skewers radio for boring centralized programming and too many ads. This it goes on to praise XM Sattelite Radio as the future of radio. When will. Continue reading

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Madonna Adds Ringtones To Web Site

Proving again that she’s smarter than most of us Madonna has added ringtones for purchase on her web site. OK, so everyone is jumping on the ringtone bandwagon. But Madonna. Continue reading

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