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Prince, Dylan And Others Embrace Multi-Platform Promo Push

There is an increasing need for artists to promote new releases across multiple platforms in an era of increasingly fractured media.  Digital Music News pointed to Prince whose new video. Continue reading

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MTV And Microsoft Join For New Urge Music Service

MTV Networks and Microsoft have announced plans to join forces to develop a new digital music service. Called Urge and due to launch in 2006, the service will be integrated. Continue reading

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Study Shows Music Being Devalued. Does The Industry Care?

The easy availability of music via paid or free sources may be devaluing music for consumers a new study suggests.  "Getting access to music is so easy now," researcher Adrian. Continue reading

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Music Publishers To Sue Lyric Search Sites Further Alienating Consumers

The music industry has found a new front in their ongoing campaign to upset consumers.  As if invasive digital rights management and lawsuits against individual downloaders weren’t enough, The Music. Continue reading

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Plug Music Awards Celebrate Indies’ Best

From our pals at the ever cool Plug Music Awards: We know you are sitting at work looking for a good distraction and we over here at World¹s Fair have. Continue reading

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BET Finds Revenue In Ringtones

In the increasingly splintered world of media where advertising is everywhere, cross promotion remains one of the few methods left to catch a consumer off guard enough to actually get. Continue reading

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UK Labels License Music To Podcasts

Podcasting may prove to be a fad in the long run, but right now it’s the growing media of choice for hipsters and trendsetters. But as is too often the. Continue reading

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The decline in CD sales that has been happening for the last several years appears to be accelerating.  Last week’s sales were off 12.9% from the comparable week in 2004. Continue reading

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Sony BMG Faces New Copy Protection Debacle

Sony BMG already reeling from the so called rookit copy protected CD nightmare has a new mess on their hands according to the non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation. "Certain audio compact. Continue reading

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Indy Music Retailer Fratt Shares Vision Of The Future

We’ve been writing a lot about Indy music retail lately. Part of it is nostalgia for the good old days when visiting a record store was a positive experience; and. Continue reading

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