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Chicao Radio Station Debuts 3000 Song Playlist

FROM THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: "To Harvey Wells, the man behind the new Nine FM radio station, his competition isn’t just the slew of other formats vying for Arbitron ratings in. Continue reading

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eMusic’s 3 Million Reasons To Be Cheerful

Digital music service eMusic, which focuses on independent label music, announced on Thursday that it has sold 3 million downloads since its re-launch on Sept. 22. Now a unit of. Continue reading

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XM On Your Cell Phone

FMQB Reports:  XM Satellite Radio CEO Hugh Panero told Reuters that he believes cell phones and satellite radio will converge within the next five years. And with ringtones, ringbacks and. Continue reading

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In Response To Low Tickets Sales Promoter Clear Channel Lowers Facility Fees

Motivated in part by soft ticket sales nationwide, there have been increasingly loud discussions among touring industry professionals about how much high ticket prices, added ticketing fees, facility fees and. Continue reading

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Universal Music Explores It’s Own Cable Channel

The New York Times reports that the Univesal Music Group "is in talks to put the channel on the Dish Network, owned by EchoStar Communications, the executives said. Universal is. Continue reading

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Global Entertainment Execs Finally Reacting To New Realities

A new survey of top global media and entertainment executives by Ernst & Young shows that rapid public adoption of new technologies is now driving many of their planning and. Continue reading

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Music Retailers Face Tough Holiday Season

From "The manager at the front door of the Apple Store in the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles was smiling broadly late Friday afternoon. It was the day. Continue reading

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Major Labels Warm To Legal P2P

Warner Music, Sony/BMG and Universal have all signed up to be a part of Peer Impact, a legal peer-to-peer file-sharing network which launches early next year.  The company ensures that. Continue reading

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CES Awards Provide Glimpse Into Entertainment’s Future

  The Consumer Electronic Show Innovations Awards have become one of the best indicators of future trends in entertainment and entertainment delivery.  If the 800 or so products just nominated. Continue reading

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U2 Plays Free Unannouced Shows In NYC

Ever the smart marketers, U2 promoted their new CD release on the streets of NYC yesterday according to The Hollywood Reporter. "Irish rock star Bono brought traffic to a standstill. Continue reading

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