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Robert Sillerman Sells Real Estate As SFX Entertainment Buys Awakenings Festival

Awakenings-logoThough Robert F.X. Sillerman is selling six properties I doubt there's an issue related to SFX Entertainment's spending spree though it's hard to stop my brain from associating the two. Sillerman's still got plenty of real estate and SFX Entertainment still has lots of things to buy as was the stated plan. In fact, just yesterday they announced the purchase of Monumental Productions B.V. who produce the Awakenings Festival among other events.

There's More Where That Came From

The Wall Street Journal reports that Robert F.X. Sillerman is getting shed of some real estate as a "step towards simplifying our lives."

The man who actually deserves the title "mogul" has put six homes on the market for $107 million. The properties are located in the Hamptons, Manhattan and Anguilla.

Additional "holdings that are not on the market [include]: four other Hamptons properties, a parcel of waterfront land in Anguilla and a Manhattan townhouse on 72nd Street that he bought in 2013 for $12 million."

SFXE Acquires Monumental Productions B.V.

Yesterday SFX Entertainment announced the acquisiton of Monumental Productions B.V. who produce the Awakenings Festival and "other world-class techno music events under the brand Awakenings."

"In 2013, Awakenings hosted nearly 100,000 fans across eight events in the Netherlands. The Awakenings Festival expanded in June 2014 from a one-day event to a two-day event, hosting over 60,000 attendees."

Founder Rocco Veenboer says that we can expect to see the Awakenings brand extended beyond Amsterdam "into the U.K., Australia, and beyond."


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